Connect your buyers, employees, suppliers, partners and all purchasing-related processes in a global network. Integrate all relevant purchasing applications such as product procurement, service procurement, complex queries, sourcing, transaction and approval management, supplier management, order management, contracting and many more centrally on one platform and create an environment in which all applications can access and exchange shared data in a transparent way and your employees can work seamlessly without media breaks and without data silos.

Control your procurement channels in real time, have access to a global social network with thousands of suppliers, optimize your assortments and implement your different purchasing strategies in the best possible way. Integrate new applications just like that and show your employees how purchasing and working in the B2B environment can be as modern and easy as in the B2C environment.

As a cloud platform wescale redefines solution standards in purchasing. It shows which options are available to you for digitizing your business strategies and how you can shape the future together with all your suppliers.

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Our Applications

wescale shopping

The business integration platform of wescale shopping provides an intuitive and efficient shopping application. wescale shopping gives immediate access to millions of items with the option to automatically optimize procurement processes.

wescale mall

The Mall is a closed catalog cloud application with an integrated market place. It allows companies to combine assortments from own & external catalogs, marketplaces and webshops and to map them with the help of a modern user interface and a high-performance search.

wescale connect

wescale connect supports buyers and suppliers alike in the maintenance of their business network. A central communication system makes it easy for wescale users to connect so they can consistently digitize their business relationships.

wescale invoice

wescale invoice offers purchasing companies a fully integrated application for incoming invoice processing. Depending on the customer scenario, wescale invoice is integrated in different backend systems and supports accountants with the timely examination and booking of invoices with and without invoice reference.

wescale exchange

wescale exchange is used to transfer data safely and in real-time between involved business partners centrally over the platform and – if desired – to forward it to the corresponding connected backend systems. The data can be centrally viewed, archived or downloaded by the partners in wescale.

wescale source

wescale source greatly simplifies the frequently recurring task of having to search, evaluate and make available new suppliers for new divisions or branches. Suppliers can have an individual profile in wescale and their delivered goods and services can be simply and centrally managed on the platform. Purchasing companies have a similar profile which gives suppliers information about the needs in specific regions and material groups.

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“Future purchasing processes will be even more fast-moving, transparent and globally networked. The software used must be able to handle these upcoming changes and to react with agility to them. Many applications need to work together seamlessly on a fully integrated basis and be readily accessible. wescale is an open integration platform with precisely this focus.”

Dr. Wolfgang Reinhardt, Head of R&D, wescale