We Understand the Challenges You Face

To handle your tasks well, you need a solution that matches your specific needs along the entire source-to-score process. With our best-in-class solutions, we help you achieve savings and improve efficiency in the areas of sourcing, contracting, e-procurement, invoicing and scoring so your company can continuously develop.

Your Suppliers as Strategic Partners

Companies sometimes have to manage and further develop tens of thousands of suppliers and service providers in accordance with their strategic orientation. In addition to the classic assortment selection, this includes primarily the business and technical integration. View your suppliers as strategic partners and lay the foundation for a successful and efficient cooperation.

Know your Suppliers & Partners

Companies operate today in digital networks that have a strong influence on their own goals and success. The interaction with customers, partners and in particular suppliers in relation to the own value added is essential. The challenge here is to create an intelligent mapping of these increasingly complex networks with the help of agile and decision-support applications together with a bundle of tools and methods that ensure smart working. A transparent and maximally automated collaboration is the key to long-term maximum success. What is required is an intelligent and seamless mapping of the entire supplier management process from sourcing through integration, master data management to scoring and reporting of business relationships using the right technology.

Business Solutions for All Areas

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