We Understand the Challenges You Face

To handle your tasks well, you need a solution that matches your specific needs along the entire source-to-score process. With our best-in-class solutions, we help you achieve savings and improve efficiency in the areas of sourcing, contracting, e-procurement, invoicing and scoring so your company can continuously develop.

Worldwide Automated and Standardized Procure-to-Pay Processes

The realignment and positioning of procurement towards more management, a higher weighting within the company’s internal value chain and digital transformation have initiated a radical change that leverages the structural and thinking levels and draws our attention to whole new approaches and needs for the successful development of procurement.

Smart Procurement Management

The B2C sector leads the way. The digitization and networking of procure-to-pay processes is gaining more and more influence in the orientation of purchasing companies. Internal customers want to experience standard purchasing functions in the business environment too – search options such as “Did you mean”, “You might also be interested in” or “Other users frequently ordered …” are no longer perceived as innovative since these have been standard functions on the private level for years now. Purchasing departments want to recreate these experiences in the best possible way, especially with regard to relevant factors such as user acceptance and penetration, but under the premise of focusing on strategic objectives and the achievement of the KPIs. Hence the need not only to operationalize functions but also to digitize beneficial added value and strategies using systems and tools within all procure-to-pay processes and to create opportunities for active control.

Business Solutions for All Areas

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