We Understand the Challenges You Face

To handle your tasks well, you need a solution that matches your specific needs along the entire source-to-score process. With our best-in-class solutions, we help you achieve savings and improve efficiency in the areas of sourcing, contracting, e-procurement, invoicing and scoring so your company can continuously develop.

Good Content as a Strategic Success Factor

A prerequisite for achieving purchasing goals and for implementing the purchasing strategy is a material group and cross-channel content management system. Target achievement is only possible if assortments are specifically managed, employees are guided through the procurement processes and an optimum coverage of all material groups is ensured. Fast operation requires the mapping of real-time information and the possibility to flexibly change assortments without lengthy catalog upload and adjustment processes. The ability to control one’s content in a strategically and operationally agile way is becoming increasingly critical to the value added success of purchasing.

Agile Content Management is More Important than Ever

One of the key success factors for effective implementation of purchasing and content strategies is a solid and high performing supplier base. To maximize the benefits and successes of cooperation, it is important to create transparency at all levels and to bring both sides to a common technical and business consensus. Networking, data-based working and the elimination of possible obstacles are the driving forces behind a successful collaboration. It is based on a KPI compliant supplier integration strategy that ideally combines procurement channels, business models and the cooperation with service partners. In addition to managing own internal content, the integration of external content sources, such as cloud applications, can be very useful.

Business Solutions for All Areas

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